Scrapbooking Software – Going Digital

A lot of people working on scrapbooks today only know this hobby by using scrapbook software and creating digital albums at our computers. But this creative hobby of scrapbook started with putting together hand-written notes and clippings into a journal. It soon included adding scrap ribbons, papers, dried flowers and more notes. It was a way to keep your own thoughts, feelings, and ideas in a book. Much like a diary or what was called an everyday book, these pages were interesting to read later on. Many of these journals contained measurements and notes that pertained to business matters and were usually a man’s activity. As these journals grew in usefulness and popularity, the women took a more creative approach to them. Now this activity which was so humble in its beginnings is a whole industry.Early Scrapbooks or NotebooksIt is believed that scrapbooks began in Greece when scholars held readings and conversations with each other. These often were attended by other younger scholars who took notes of what these other scholars had to say. They also wrote their own thoughts and these writings became notebooks of their emotional feelings. These were called ‘Hypomnemata’ which has been translated as notes or notebook.The art of creating these notebooks increased in volume as printing became more available and widely spread. These notebooks sound very similar to how we approach scrapbook over the years. While the beginnings involved papers, pens, glue and ink, scrapbooks has changed quite a bit. Now with more traditional forms of scrapbook, we still use those items but have added colorful and printed papers, stencils, rubber stamps, felt pens, die cuts and embellishments of all kinds.Changes with the Computer AgeWith computers, scrapbooks have gone digital. Scrapbooks now uses digital medium, computers, scanners, color copiers and printers for text and for photographs. Digital scrapbooks have caused a growth in scrapbook software too.With scrapbook software, no one is restricted to only one type of paper or pattern for their digital album. Quotes and decorations are at our fingertips with the click of a mouse. It is still very much an art form but one that anyone can learn and expand with little trouble or dedication. Scrapbook software has been developed by several websites and companies to give us a wide expanse of material and colorful pages for our digital scrapbooks. For many, scrapbook software is their choice on preparing scrapbooks.Creative but PrivateScrapbook software and computers allow us to have only a small amount of material or space to organize and create our online scrapbook. With standard layouts for the photos allows us to be more organized while working. Everything is in the computer instead of spread out across a table or stacked in storage bins. While working on our layouts, digital photos or collages of several pictures, scrapbook software allows us to be creative with the layout, font size, and paper stock to create exactly the look that we want. Flowers can be added or taken away, changed to a ribbon, and fonts can be changed quickly as you decide whether to say I like, I love, or Things I love about you.Many sites provide software that with a little practice any user can begin working on their album layout with assistance or training. Scrapbook software will include graphics, clip art, smiley faces and other caricatures, templates and a wide variety of paper backgrounds, frames to be as creative as any other scrapbook hobbyist.There is one big advantage to using scrapbook software. You can create pages online in a very private way. No one needs to see what you are doing unless you want them to. Regular paper and photo scrapbooks occupy a large amount of space that is hard to keep private from others in the household.Social Media NetworkingWhile scrapbook software does allow you to be private, it doesn’t mean that you have to work completely alone. Many websites have forums that allow both digital and regular scrapbook enthusiasts to view each others work, share designs and layouts. It’s networking the new way – online.We have all seen the increase in social media sites for communicating or making friends, dating, job hunting and marketing. Scrapbook software gives every one a choice of being privately creative or sharing their scrapbook with friends and acquaintances and can even start a new circle of friends. Scrapbook software is another social media to connect with people from the neighborhood and from around the world.

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